2024 Toyota Tundra EV Confirmed for the Following Year

2024 Toyota Tundra EV

According to a recent report, Toyota is building an all-new electric pickup truck Tundra. The new 2024 Toyota Tundra EV should arrive sometime next year, featuring refreshed styling compared to the regular variant. Toyota’s next-generation pickup made its first public appearance at a recent event, and it looks really attractive. Besides Tundra, the manufacturer will also use the same treatment on the upcoming Tacoma pickup as well.

We don’t know how will Toyota exactly integrate the electric powertrain but there’s the chance the company will go with the same route as Ford did with its F-150 Lightning. Basically, Toyota may save money by using the same platform, which should be modified for both gas- and electric-powered Tundra. Regardless, we expect the new truck to come with a battery that should provide at least 200 miles of driving range.

2024 Toyota Tundra EV Design

Toyota recently made its first public appearance with its new electric truck. However, we are not sure if the shown model upcoming Tacoma or Tundra model. Anyway, the new design language is there, and the new truck looks very attractive. From the information that we got, the manufacturer will firstly improve the truck’s aerodynamics, using the closed-off grille and distinct wheels.

Also, from the image that’s released, we also have a great view of newly shaped headlights that are more tinner than before. Nevertheless, we’re expecting to see some changes on the back as well, including more attractive taillights.

More Features Inside

Inside, the 2024 Toyota Tundra EV will be more modern that the non-EV variant. However, like its sibling Tacoma, the Tundra will come exclusively in crew cab, four-door form. This means we can expect a spacious cabin for up to five passengers. We’re also expecting to see a wide horizontal dash and a giant 14-inch center display available.

It will also come with a wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. In general, depending on the trim level, the design inside will vary and you can make your own interior style.

2024 Toyota Tundra EV interior

2024 Toyota Tundra EV Motor Setup

As far as we know, Toyota will integrate the electric powertrain in the same way Ford did with its full-size electric truck F-150 Lightning.

This model rides on a modified platform that allows the use of both gas- and electric-powered setups. Anyway, we head that Tundra will come with a few battery options, on which one of them will provide more than 200 miles of driving range.

2024 Toyota Tundra EV platform

2024 Toyota Tundra EV Price, Release Date

Toyota’s next-generation pickup has been teased, and it looks really futuristic. According to Toyota, both upcoming Tacoma and Tundra models will use the same architecture and probably share the same motor setup. Unfortunately, Toyota didn’t reveal any information regarding the price and release date of the new 2024 Tundra EV.

From the information that’s available, the base model could cost around $50.000, while the most loaded variant more than $65.0000. As for the release date, we presume that Toyota will introduce the new pickup sometime in the first quarter of next year, while sales could start later in 2023.

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